There are a lot of blogs out there focusing on data science. Throughout the past few years, I have found at least a handful of blogs that I read regularly. I’ve tried my best to narrow it down to my favorite 5 blogs. So without any further ado, here is my list along with a short description and why I like the blog (in no specific order).

Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science has everything from interviews and stories to resources and tutorials. It is a great place to come share ideas, get inspired and learn something new.

Data Science Central

This website could be considered a hub full of resources related to data science. Not only does it talk about machine learning, but it also covers topics such as data visualization, job opportunities, analytics, and much more. New content is added daily, so head on over and subscribe for the latest in data science and much more.

What’s The Big Data?

This blog explores what big data is and how it has evolved into the beast it is today. The author explores how big data controls and interacts with our everyday lives and provides the readers with relevant news in the field.


This blog focuses more on the business aspect of data science and is not the same technical resource as the previously mentioned blogs. The website focuses mostly on big data and is a great stop for up to date news and information about the field and how it integrates with both blockchain and artificial intelligence.

No Free Hunch

This blog is run by Kaggle and provides the readers with insight into the minds of data scientists. It is a great source for hands on tutorials with a wide variety of datasets. Being hosted by Kaggle who are known for hosting data science projects and competitions, it provides interesting perspectives with interviews from winners, discussing their respective approaches to not only the competitions at hand, but also other problems they face in their day-to-day work.

I have half a decade of experience working with data science and data engineering in a variety of fields both professionally and in academia. I ahve demonstrated advanced skills in developing machine learning algorithms, econometric models, intuitive visualizations and reporting dashboards in order to communicate data and technical terminology in an easy to understand manner for clients of varying backgrounds.

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